Brainshark sales readiness software equips businesses with the training, coaching and content authoring capabilities to achieve sales mastery.

Are Your Sales Reps Ready?

Every sales team, no matter how effective, has the potential to be even better. To be more knowledgeable, more productive, and more motivated. To be smarter, 100% prepared, and completely up-to-speed. To be ready to act quickly, seize the moment, and close the deal.

That's where Brainshark can help.

For organizations seeking to boost their sales effectiveness, Brainshark sales enablement and readiness solutions empower your teams to achieve their fullest potential – with the training, coaching, and content they need to seal deal after deal.

At Brainshark, we provide solutions that help sales reps bring their A game - every time.

Are Your Reps Ready

Inspiration & Vision

Brainshark was founded in 1999 with one vision: to transform the way companies create and share content.

Initially, Brainshark began by addressing a pressing need in the corporate training industry. Organizations were spending months of time and tens of thousands of dollars in computer-based course development. Brainshark's leadership team knew they could provide a better way, by allowing organizations to empower their subject matter experts to create eLearning content within minutes... at a fraction of the previous cost.

From this vision, the Brainshark platform was born, and soon encountered a groundswell of demand from other business areas – including marketing, HR, and most notably, SALES. Over time, business professionals everywhere began using Brainshark to create and share content that audiences could view anytime, anywhere and from any device.  

History & Evolution

Over the years, Brainshark has developed and launched a comprehensive product portfolio for content authoring, formal trainingvideo coaching (with AI-powered machine analysis and scoring) and more.

Today, these capabilities form the core of our sales readiness platform, comprised of comprehensive solutions that help organizations drive sales productivity both in and out of Salesforce.

We complement our solutions with award-winning customer service and support, and professional services that help ensure our customers get the maximum value from their Brainshark investment.

Since its inception, Brainshark has invested hundreds of person-years toward developing best-in-class solutions, plus millions of dollars in our secure, reliable and scalable cloud computing infrastructure for sales enablement.

Investment & Dedication

Between 1999 and 2005, Brainshark raised $23 million in venture capital, began turning a profit in 2006 and has continued to grow rapidly to this day. Brainshark customers come from a wide range of industries such as technology, financial services, manufacturing, insurance, medical devices and others.

Starting from a vision and just one customer in 1999, Brainshark is proud to now provide our unique and powerful solutions to thousands of customers from all company sizes and industries – including more than half of the Fortune 100.