How We HelpMarketers

When it comes to empowering your salespeople to drive deals forward, their ability to deliver the most consistent, up-to-date messages makes all the difference.

It’s the key to not just starting a conversation, but keeping it going. That’s where Brainshark can help.

New Levels of Engagement

Brainshark solutions help marketers keep their sales force current on the latest messaging, product updates, content and more.

Content Authoring: Quickly and easily create dynamic, interactive video content to engage salespeople and buyers alike

Product Updates: Ensure salespeople are up-to-speed on the latest product features and positioning, and ensure a consistent message with every buyer interaction

Content Access & Sharing: Make it easy for reps to find the resources they need for both training and prospecting from a central content portal, CRM or even Microsoft Outlook

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See how we help marketers easily create engaging content and arm reps with the knowledge and resources they need for every sales interaction.

For Salesforce Users

Learn how our solutions help empower salespeople with access to the right content and training without ever having to leave the CRM.