Accelerate Sales ONBOARDING

CSO Insights reports that shortening ramp-up times is the #1 goal of B2B sales enablement programs.

Brainshark sales onboarding software helps organizations accelerate new hire training and cut the time it takes reps to close their first deals.

Get New Hires Up-to-Speed and Selling - FASTER

Sales reps have different onboarding requirements than other employees.
Empower them with a system built for the unique needs of B2B sales.

Flip the Classroom
Cut onboarding time with a blended approach to learning that ensures reps spend less time training and more time selling.

Ensure Mastery in the Field
Is your sales training working? Validate that reps can demonstrate the skills they've learned with continuous coaching and practice.

Engage Your Audience
Educate your sales force with interactive, video-based sales onboarding content that's easy to both create and update.