How we helpSales Teams

Whether your sales reps are truly ready to have the right conversations at the right time can be the difference between we'll think about it and we're sold.

Brainshark helps organizations ensure their reps are prepared for every sales conversation with powerful solutions for sales readiness and enablement.

Sales Leadership

Improve readiness and accelerate sales cycles to hit your targets

Sales Enablement

Turn your sales team into a dream team with the right training, coaching and more

Sales Operations

Prepare your teams and drive CRM adoption across your organization

Better Sales Conversations Start Here

Deepening existing customer relationships and converting prospects requires meaningful, ongoing dialog. That's where Brainshark can help.

Brainshark for the Sales Enablement Leader

Readiness: Onboard new reps faster and keep existing team members up-to-speed with continuous learning, online training, and interactive coaching

Content: Make it easy for anyone to create rich, compelling sales content for reps to access anytime, anywhere – even right from Salesforce

Insights: Monitor how your reps' knowledge and behavior affect sales outcomes and identify best practices to promote across your organization

Explore Our Sales Solutions

Onboard new hires faster, while keeping existing reps up to speed and prepared for every selling situation.


Enable managers to increase productivity through team-wide coaching challenges to sharpen your team's selling skills.


Quickly and easily create rich, interactive video presentations for sales training, prospecting and more.