Why Brainshark?

For nearly two decades, our solutions have helped companies improve the way they communicate with, educate and inspire their customer-facing teams.

Today, we’re proud to provide our customers with the most comprehensive, proven platform for sales enablement and readiness.

The Pillars of Sales Readiness

CSO Insights reports that the number of companies with a dedicated sales enablement role or function has tripled since 2013. Brainshark provides the technology to support those strategies for the most critical area of enablement: sales readiness.

4 Pillars Foundational
"We need our sellers to get ramped up and productive faster."
4 Pillars continuous learning
"This new product is a game changer. How do we get our reps ready to sell it?"
4 Pillars Transformational
"This isn't working - we need our reps to start selling to the C-suite."
4 Pillars Reactive
"Two of our competitors just merged. What's our message to buyers?"

Sales Readiness with Brainshark

Onboarding. Product launches. New markets. Competitive news. Brainshark’s solutions help reps stay prepared for any readiness requirement, supporting a variety of enablement roles across a number of key industries.

Content Authoring

  • Produce your own engaging, interactive learning content
  • Keep content up-to-date with new information and messaging


  • Deliver formal courses for onboarding and mandatory training
  • Provide easy access to just-in-time learning resources

Dashboards & Analytics

  • Easily track your team's readiness progress across all activities
  • Certify reps to determine who is truly ready to sell

Coaching & Practice

  • Sharpen skills with video coaching, practice and assessments
  • Streamline coaching with AI-powered scoring and feedback

More You Can Do with Brainshark

We give our customers the flexibility to elevate their readiness strategies by providing a breadth of functionality, integration options and client services that no other provider can match.

Machine analyisis and scoring
Machine Analysis & Scoring
Streamline and elevate the video coaching process with Brainshark's unique, AI-powered engine for feedback and analysis.
Integrations and Mobility
Integrations & Mobility
Reps can access Brainshark from the same systems they use every day, including their CRM or via the Brainshark Mobile App.
Brainshark Studios
Brainshark Studios
Does your content need that professional touch? Our creative services team can help take your sales content to the next level.

Brainshark serves thousands of customers, including companies from more than half the Fortune 100. View our collection of testimonials to hear how we help our customers get better sales enablement results.